Monday, January 22, 2018


What were the objectives of the UK NEA?

The UK NEA has provided new information on the changing natural environment in terms of ecosystems and the range of services that ecosystems provide to people. It had 3 objectives:

To produce an independent and peer-reviewed UK National Ecosystem Assessment for the whole of the UK.

To raise awareness of the importance of the natural environment to human well-being and economic prosperity. 

To ensure full stakeholder participation and encourage different stakeholders and communities to interact and, in particular, to foster better inter-disciplinary cooperation between natural and social scientists, as well as economists.


Using an Ecosystem Assessment process the UK NEA has:

Assessed the status and trends of the UK’s ecosystems and the services they provide at multiple spatial scales from country to catchment levels;

Described the key factors (drivers of change) affecting the UK’s ecosystems, including changes in land-use, infrastructure development, pollution and climate change;

 Included plausible futures (scenarios) for the UK’s ecosystems and the services they provide;

Outlined societal response options to secure continued delivery of the UK’s ecosystem services, for all of society; and

 Valued the contribution of ecosystem services to human well-being through economic and non-economic analyses.

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