Tuesday, December 01, 2020

UK NEA follow-on phase

Expert Panel

The follow-on phase has a 20 member Expert Panel:

The James Hutton Institute
Prof. Alister Scott Birmingham City University
Prof. Andrew Church University of Brighton
Prof. Andrew Stirling University of Sussex
Dr. Bhaskar Vira University of Cambridge
Prof. Bridget Emmett Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, Bangor
Dr. Caitlin DeSilvey University of Exeter
Prof. David Raffaelli University of York
Ms. Ece Ozdemiroglu Economics for the Environment Consultancy
Prof. Georgina Mace Imperial College London
Prof. Ian Bateman University of East Anglia
Prof. Laurence Mee Scottish Association for Marine Science
Prof. Louise Heathwaite University of Lancaster
Prof. Mark Rounsevell University of Edinburgh
Prof. Michael Winter University of Exeter
Prof. Paul Ekins University College London
Prof. Roy Haines-Young University of Nottingham
Prof. Stephen Daniels University of Nottingham
Dr. Susana Mourato London School of Economics and Political Science
Prof. Terry Marsden Cardiff University


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