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UK NEA Follow-on Phase: New report released, 16 July 2013

The value of potential marine protected areas in the UK to divers and sea anglers - Final Report. Read more

Announcement of Opportunity for BESS workshops, 19 Feb 2013

The BESS (Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services Sustainability) programme is a 6-year, £13 million research programme addressing NERC strategic challenges and societal needs and the UK Government’s strategic priorities with respect to biodiversity, ecosystems and their services. This funding call is for workshops which contribute to the goals of the BESS programme, with an indicative cost of up to £8000 per workshop or series of workshops.

More information | Application proforma

National Ecosystem Assessment achieves international impact, 24 April 2012 

LWEC has published an article on how the UK NEA is continuing to generate international interest and is proving influential in the way other nations approach their own assessments.

Environment Secretary unveils the UK NEA follow-up phase, 27 March 2012

Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman spoke of the UK NEA follow-up phase in her speech at the Planet Under Pressure conference in London.

The Guardian | Speech | Business Green

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What is the UK National Ecosystem Assessment?

The UK National Ecosystem Assessment (UK NEA) was the first analysis of the UK’s natural environment in terms of the benefits it provides to society and continuing economic prosperity. Part of the Living With Environmental Change (LWEC) initiative, the UK NEA commenced in mid-2009 and reported in June 2011. It was an inclusive process involving many government, academic, NGO and private sector institutions.



NEW PUBLICATIONS: Download the Synthesis and Technical reports from the UK NEA Follow-on phase, released in June 2014


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