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The UK NEA addressed 10 key questions, which are summarised in the Synthesis of Key Findings:

What are the status and trends of the UK’s ecosystems and the services they provide to society?

What are the drivers causing change in the UK’s ecosystems and their services?

How do the ecosystem services affect human well-being, who and where are the beneficiaries, and how does this affect how they are valued and managed?

Which vital UK provisioning services are not provided by UK ecosystems?

What is the current public understanding of ecosystem services and the benefits they provide?

Why should we incorporate the economic value of ecosystem services into decision-making?

How might ecosystems and their services change in the UK under plausible future scenarios?

What are the economic implications of different plausible futures?

How can we secure and improve the continued delivery of ecosystem services?

How have we advanced our understanding of the influence of ecosystem services on human well-being and what are the knowledge constraints on more informed decision-making?




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