Monday, March 27, 2023


User Group

A User Group, with representatives from government agencies, NGOs and the private sector across the UK, informed the approach and outputs to ensure relevance for different audiences.

Anil Gupta Convention of Scottish Local Authorities 
Doug Wilson Environment Agency
Paul Rose Joint Nature Conservation Committee
Kate Hills Local Government Association
Ruth Waters Natural England
Martin Marsden  Scottish Environment Protection Authority 
Greg Mudge Scottish Natural Heritage 
Edward Hobson Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment 
Paul Morling RSPB / Wildlife Countryside Link
Jonathan Hughes Scottish Environment Link
Tony Whitbread Wildlife Trust
Stuart Warrington National Trust 
Nicola Owen Mineral Products Association
Colin Taylor EDF Energy
Diane Brooke Association of Electricity Producers / RWE npower
Diane Mitchell  National Farmers Union 
Barrie Clarke Water UK
Rory Campbell Scottish Fishermen's Federation 
Tom Simpson Communities and Local Government
Will Armitage

Her Majesty's Treasury                                                                

Jo Nurse Department of Health
Sallie Bailey Forestry Commission


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