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Related Initiatives


The Valuing Nature Network (VNN) brings together natural scientists and economists, alongside decision-makers in business and policy, who have an interest in valuing nature. 

The Ecosystems Knowledge Network (EKN) is a resource for anyone wanting to share knowledge or learn about the practical benefits of an ecosystems approach to both people and nature.

In response to a changing climate and environment, Living With Environmental Change (LWEC) is bringing together the best available scientific research and knowledge to provide the UK's decision makers with the best information to manage and protect vital ecosystem services in the most effective and practical ways. LWEC represents an unprecedented partnership of organisations funding, undertaking and using environmental research, including the Research Councils, government departments, devolved administrations and delivery more about current LWEC Programmes.

The Natural Capital Initiative  informs the Government's implementation of the ecosystems approach - a framework for looking at whole ecosystems in decision making and valuing the services they provide. It identifies gaps in science, policy and implementation that inhibit an ecosystems approach, and works with government, parliament, agencies, NGOs, the private sector, scientific bodies and the wider public.

Environmental Sustainability Knowledge Transfer Network (ESKTN) works to catalyse innovation across emerging environmental technologies and accelerate the transition to a low carbon, resource and energy efficient economy by connecting businesses, universities, other research organisations and Government agencies. 

Biodiversity and Ecosystem Service Sustainability  (BESS) aims to increase scientific understanding of the role of biodiversity in key ecosystem processes while developing a thriving, interdisciplinary scientific community undertaking research related to biodiversity and ecosystem services.
Ecosystem Services for Poverty Alleviation Programme (ESPA) is a seven year, £40 million research programme funded by DFID, ESRC and NERC to provide new knowledge demonstrating how ecosystem services can reduce poverty and enhance well-being for the world's poor. The Rural Economy and Land Use Programme (Relu) carries out research on the challenges faced by rural areas of the UK in order to inform future policy and practice.



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