Tuesday, February 28, 2017



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Countryside Survey

Countryside Survey is a unique study or ‘audit’ of the natural resources of the UK’s countryside. The Survey has been carried out at regular intervals since 1978. The countryside is sampled and studied using rigorous scientific methods, allowing scientists to compare this year’s results with those from previous surveys. In this way gradual and subtle changes that occur in the UK’s countryside over time can be detected.

The UK results and analyses from the 2007 Survey are now available to download from the Countryside Survey website.


 スニーカー  腕時計

Photo Credits (left to right): Banner: © Angus Kirk; © Martin; © Craig Rodway © Juergen Kurlwink; © Barry Ennor; © Russel Smith; © Midlander1231. Main image: © Richard Pluck

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